Promote us at your Company

Host a Lunch & Learn

We would love to hold an event at your org to talk about refugees in Atlanta and the way that Refcode is helping to solve the refugee "brain drain" and the tech talent pipeline problems both at once.

Ask around at your company to see who might be able to help us facilitate the event, and then plase reach out here.

Organize a Call for Volunteers in your Developer Channel

Refcode depends heavily on volunteers, especially when we have an upcoming class. We need people on the inside of companies who have access to engineering or developer channels who can post a call for volunteers and answer questions in the weeks and months leading up to a class.

It helps if engineering leadership can be involved and help to promote and sponsor the post, and it's also a good way for you to get some attention on your organizational and networking skills. Random posts to Slack are always apprecaited, but for a big push, we'd love to coordinate with you ahead of time to find the best time and strategy for the push. Reach out here!

Hire a Refugee

Direct Hire

We have dozens of talented, driven, motivated graduates who are actively looking for work. Refcode graduates are taught the skills that usually are only aquired with years of experience. If you have a need for software engineers or other tech field employees, please connect.


We have built an apprenticeship program to onboard a small cohort of refugees into your company, using proven training, community support, and mentorship models. All you need to do is say "yes," we will do the rest. For more info, please connect.

Hire our Agency to build your Web Application

We put our money where our mouth is by hiring our own graduates as software engineers in our Software Agency. And that enables us to put your money where their mouth is, which means that you can get an incredible product built and a refugee can gain valuable career experience without having to worry about how to put food on the table.

Visit the Refcode Software Agency page to schedule a discovery meeting.

Donate or Sponsor

Giving makes a huge difference

Refcode runs incredibly lean, which means that every dollar donated has a huge impact. We'll be honest: our passion is helping people learn to code and get hired, not fundraising or grant writing. By donating, you can help us spend our time and money on what we do best! Check out all the ways you can give.