Introduction to Web Development 1

This course is designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of coding and development skills. The curriculum is based on the online Khan Academy platform, which consists of instructional videos and challenges. T he course is divided into sprints, each focusing on specific topics. Students will progress through the assigned sprints at Khan Academy to build their knowledge and skills.

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Bubble Bootcamp

The Bubble Bootcamp is structured to provide you with the necessary resources for creating a web application using Bubble, a no-code platform known for its efficiency in web app development. This intensive program spans 10 weeks, starting on November 8th, 2023. Upon successful completion of the bootcamp, participants will have the opportunity to explore a job placement.

Next Course: November 2023

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Refcode Mini-Conference

Once in a while we gather to connect, share our progress, learn, and help each other. This gathering is perfect for refugees and immigrants interested in coding who haven't yet had a chance to dive in. This meetup will help prepare participants to join the discernment class or just connect, get career advice, or get help with something they're working on.

Weekly Meetup

A gathering with space to dive deep into technical learning and help. Participants can move through our curriculum at their own pace to build the various skills in the Refcode skills matrix, no matter whether they are on the path to computer literacy or a career in software.

Meets: every Wednesday night, 6-9pm

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After graduating the discernment class, participants who want to pursue a career have the ability to be matched with a mentor in a six-month program where they can get experienced advice and guidance on the decisions they are making for their next steps.


This program gives graduates of the discernment class an opportunity to put what they have learned into practice. They will form a team and will collaborate on a real-world project using Agile Methodology to plan each sprint, refine and estimate the size of issues, divide the work and review each other's code through PRs.

Much to the dismay of collaborators, the project is designed to give everyone many chances to run into merge conflicts, miscommunication, and other common problems that can emerge when working on a team. But they will also have the support of seasoned professionals to work through the challenges and learn from the mistakes.

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This program is a partnership with a business in Atlanta which will take in a small cohort of skilled and experienced Refcode participants. Refcode will help the business to form a program that combines both on-the-job learning and an educational program focusing on the Refcode skills matrix to bring participants up to speed on all the aspects of working as a professional software engineer.

Apprentices will be supported by a Refcode mentor as well as a mentor from the company where they are working. The duration of the apprenticeship and the exact pay rate for apprentices is determined by the partner (though it will always be at least a living wage).