Ongoing Partnerships

Tekton Career Training

Refcode and Tekton have teamed up for a 1 year pilot partnership. Tekton is providing operational support as well as venue and help with fundraising and participant outreach.

Friends of Refugees - Career Hub

Refcode got it’s start in the Career Hub, and that partnership remains strong! We work together to help refugees find career opportunities that match their ability, interest, and aptitude.

Past Partnerships and Appearances

Google AMP Roadhsow

Featured community parther at a REFACTR Tech / AMP Roadshow conference.

Code for Atlanta

Refcode has made appearances at Code for Atlanta several time and volunteers have worked on developing out some amazing projects for Refcode.

TLab Game Truck

TLab made an appearance at a Refcode graduation, making our little celebration a real party!


Mailchimp hosted us for an event with mock interviews and great job seeking advice. Mailchimp has also donated over 20 Macbook Pro laptops for use by our participants and has sent many volunteers our way!

McKesson Foundation

Refcode was awarded the McKesson Community Hero Grant on behalf of Refcode volunteer Jake Plunkett.


Refcode was featured in a mini-documentary put on by the UNHCR and Goodwill Ambassador Kat Grahm.

Reach out about a partnership

Join the list of organizations that have partnered with Refcode to help realize our vision of connecting refugees and immigrants to software engineering careers. There are many ways that you can partner with us, but we are always open to new ideas, so please get in touch!