Student Application

The next class will start on February 6th and will be on Wednesday nights from 6-9pm for ten weeks. We will meet in the Refugee Career Hub.

To apply, you will need to register in person or if you can not come in person, fill out the forms below.

Register in Person

In-person registration will take place on February 2nd at 12 noon in the Refugee Career Hub. The Refugee Career Hub is located at this address:

Refugee Career Hub
1019 Rowland St.
Clarkston, GA 30021

Register Online

If you can not come to the Career Hub on February 2nd, you can fill out the Student Application Form and the Student Assessment below.

Student Application Form

Student Assessment

The student assessment is a quick exercise to test your ability to follow instructions and perform simple tasks on a computer. You will perform a few tasks and then send an email. If you need help doing the assessment, James at the Refugee Career Hub is available to help you in person whenever the Career Hub is open.

Student Assessment

  1. Create a Word Document named MyName01.doc where “MyName” is your first name. For example, if your name is John your file will be called John01.doc.
  2. On the first line of the file, type the time you started this assessment.
  3. Take this one minute typing test.
  4. Copy and paste your results (WPM, Rank, and Percentile) into your Word document.
  5. From your email account, email the document as an attachment to

When you complete the assessment above, you will get an email letting you know that your assessment has been received. There is a chance that further assessment may be necessary to determine who can be accepted into the program if the number of applicants is too high.

Prep Work

Before the first day of class on February 6, you will need to complete some preparatory work. When you are accepted to the class, the prep work will be given to you. Please be sure that you finish all prep work before the first day of class.