Bubble Bootcamp

Our Bubble bootcamp will teach you to create complex web applications quickly and efficiently. There is a large and growing demand for Bubble developers, and you can start learning at the Refcode Bubble bootcamp. Applications are open now!

Call for Volunteers

We need software engineers who want to make a difference. Your time and talent can make a huge difference in the lives of refugees and immigrants who are highly motivated to learn. If you have experience building websites, we need your help with the upcoming Intro to Coding class.

Weekly Meetup

Come join us and learn to code! Refugees, immigrants, and software professionals gather each Wednesday from 6-9pm to work through our self-paced coding curriculum or anything that will help our participants prepare for a career as a software engineer.

One of the most challenging disadvantages that recent immigrants face when looking for work is the lack of a professional network. Refcode participants have the opportunity to connect with dozens of people who already have well-established professional networks.

Refcode is a community as much as anything else. We are professional software engineers, code bootcamp students, self-learners, teachers, refugees, first-, second-, and seventh-generation immigrants.

We believe that you can't learn to code and find your way to a software career on your own. You need support, encouragement, mentorship, coaching, advice, and a shoulder to cry on.

Introduction to Coding Class

A 10 week course to introduce beginners to the professional tools, skills, and practices. This class is designed to help students discern their interest and aptitude in pursuing a career in software engineering. Class is run in an agile environment and prioritizes personal tutoring and just-in-time teaching. Students hear various software professionals talk about their own journeys into coding.

Teamcode Project

Participants join a cohort of other graduates to work together on a real project in an environment set up similar to an agile software company. Students become contributors and work through a backlog of tickets, gaining valuable communication and collaboration skills.

Education or Training program

At this point, participants are ready to dive into an educational program with confidence. Participants receive personal coaching to identify the best program to join, and whether they are starting a degree in computer science or a coding bootcamp, they will continue to be supported by Refcode mentors and the community throughout their study.


Unfortunately, education is not enough. Employers are looking for real-world experience in even "entry level" positions. Refcode has partnered with organizations to create an apprenticeship opportunity that gives real experience working on real projects.

Entry Level Software Job

Getting to this point is not easy, and even though we have laid out a rough path, there is no single road to success and no program can certify that someone is ready to become a software engineer. But with tenacity, support, and a lot of work, it is possible!