Refcode Curriculum

The Refcode curriculum is unlike any other coding curriculum you've ever heard of. We actually only spend a little time learning code. Instead, the bulk of time is spent learning the foundational skills, tools, and mindsets needed to succeed. Students learn how to find the solution to any problem on their own and are forced to teach themselves rather than relying on class or homework to explain how things work.

Refcode focuses on skills that will be valuable no matter what the student does professionally in the future. All students gain advanced computer knowledge, the ability to independently and creatively find solutions to complex problems, a better understanding of how to manage and organize time, and good preparation for job hunting and interviewing.


  • Standup Meetings
  • Slack Chat
  • GitHub for code sharing
  • Kanban boards (Trello)
  • Backlog Grooming

Advanced Computer Skills

  • Google Chrome Password Generator
  • Google Chrome Password Manager
  • Google Docs Collaboration

Coding Tools

  • Atom source code editor
  • Browser ‘View Source’
  • Chrome Inspector
  • GitHub Repository Creation
  • CyberDuck FTP Client
  • Web Hosting Account

Job Seeking

  • Preparing and sharing code examples
  • Resume critique
  • Preparing your “developer story”
  • Mock interviews
  • Extending a professional network

Web Technology Skills and Knowledge

  • File formats: plain text, formatted text, source code formatting
  • Domain Registration
  • TLDs and domain names
  • Internet Architecture (Domains, Servers, Web Hosts)
  • Source code
  • The DOM
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript